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I have written FOUR books on improvisation, "217 Sequences For The Contemporary Musician" and "Improvisation" a set of three books (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced).

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Jazz Improvisation Materials



"217 Sequences For The Contemporary Musician"


1).1-56. Tritone Interval Sequences Sample
2).1-43. Augmented Chord Sequences Sample
3).1-34 Diminished 7th Chord Sequences Sample
4).1-84. Assorted Pattern Sequences Sample

Every sequence is written out in all 12 keys using the cycle of 4ths.

There is an explanation of each sequence group. A chordal chart at the end of each sequence section explaining the possible uses of the particular sequence making this book a very easy and practical tool to use.

This book has:
1) A complete listing of Duple and Triple meter sequences with articulations for wind or string players.
2) For composers and arrangers, a paragraph explaining the possible ways in which a sequence can inspire new melodies and contrapuntal compositions.

All in all, the range of the sequences are easily accessible for any instrument and can be played by all levels.

This Book Is A Helpful Tool For Anyone Who Views Music As Being A Living, Creative And Experimental Art Form.


(Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced)

"Beginning Book - One"

1). Requirements -- Ear Training
2). 24 Keys (Major and Minor) and the II-V-I
3). Substitutes of the II-V-I Sample
4). Simple Blues
5). Bebop Scales
6). Random Chord Exercise



"Intermediate Book - Two"

1). The Dominant 7th Chord
2). The 12 Tone Row Sample
3). Advanced Blues
4). Rhythm Changes
5). Turnarounds
6). Learning Tunes
7). Improvising on a Tune




"Advanced Book - Three"

1). Extensions
2). Finding Substitutes for Tunes
3). Polytonal Concepts
4). Modal Improvisation
5). Free Form Styles
6). Sequences
7). Experimental Ways
8). Time Impulse
9). Scales for Improvisation
10). Note Positions Sample

All three improvisation books explain the techniques found in all styles of jazz improvisation. By a step by step procedure and practice schedule, the method explains each section with easy to read instructions. 


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